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Divya Vibe With Up & Down Internal Ring Beads & Pulsation

595 kr

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Divya Vibe With Up & Down Internal Ring Beads & Pulsation

- 10 vibrationsfunktioner

- 3 starka motorer

- Vattentät IPX7

- USB-uppladdningsbar

  • 3 powerful engines
  • Independent motors
  • 10 vibration functions
  • 10 pulsation functions on the clitoral stimulator
  • 5 up and down movement functions with internal ball ring
  • Soft, body-safe premium silicone
  • Magnetic USB Rechargeable
  • IPX7 waterproof

Intoyou Divya arrives, a toy with three motors and with so many functions and features that we lack words to describe it, but we are going to try it.

Divya, as we have said, is a vibrator with 3 powerful motors, these three motors are independent of each other, which means that you can choose which function you want, if only one, if two of them or all three at the same time . And you will say, but what functions does Divya have? Let me take you through a world full of pleasure:

Vibration: like any self-respecting toy, it has 10 vibration functions and patterns, from the softest (a romantic and fun caress) to the most powerful (a night of wild passion).

Pulsation: Although the vibrations travel throughout the toy, including the clitoral stimulator, we believe that it is not enough, so we have added a more fun touch, 10 pulsation functions. Inside the clitoral stimulator there is a small ball, a ball that will move as you wish. Travel between the 10 pulsation functions and enjoy clitoral stimulation you didn't think possible.

Up & Down movement: this is the best part of Divya, 5 up and down functions in Divya's body. But it is not the movement function that you are used to, since it is not only the movement, but it has a ring of internal balls that travel, as the name suggests, from top to bottom (and vice versa) to make your nights unforgettable.

As you well know, Divya has 3 motors, all of them independent from each other, which means that, if you want a quiet evening one night, you can use only the vibration, what do you want a little more passion? turn on pulsation, or rotation together with vibration, or one of them separately. And for those nights when you want to escape from the world and not think about anything, enjoy Divya's three functions at the same time and disconnect from everything.

It has very simple controls, the button to turn on and off that you only have to hold down for a few seconds, the upper button for vibration, which you can press to change the function (and hold to turn off the vibration), the lower button to the keystrokes, press to switch function and hold to turn off. To turn on the up and down movement you will only have to press the power button once and press again to travel between its functions, press twice to turn off this function.

Divya is completely waterproof IPX7, ideal to enjoy in the shower or anywhere you feel like it, it is rechargeable by magnetic USB and has Premium silicone materials of the highest quality, soft, silky, flexible and very seductive to the touch.

The best way to fully enjoy Divya is to use your favorite water-based lubricant, we recommend you visit Nanami, our lubricant brand par excellence. Do not forget to clean your toy before and after each use to extend its life and your pleasure.



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