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Lovetoy Streetgirl 2 Flesh

495 kr

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Lovetoy Streetgirl 2 Flesh

- Vaginal och anal ingång

- Tillverkat i mjukt och kroppssäkert TPE

- Texturerad insida för extra sensation

Beautifully designed with a nice spread vagina and sexy pinkish labia. This realistic private part is molded from a beautiful model for the most authentic experience. Measuring 21 x 19,5 x 10 cm with a net weight of 1,6 kg, her elegant body easily handles years of thrusting.

Vagina depth 13 cm, anus depth 15 cm allow men of all sizes to enjoy extra orgasm.

The designed vaginal tunnel has a nest of nubs waiting to stroke you as you slide deep inside her. The butt hole is much tighter and full of numerous curves.

You can lay this beauty down flat, or hold her close to you while you explore either of her two intricate inner passages.

Made from body-safe TPE, this ultra-soft, lifelike doll offers a non-toxic, sensitive skin-friendly and all-around safe experience.

Just experiment with it by finding the best positions and swing it back and forth for the most fun.

Very easy to clean, you can flush the channel directly with running water and wipe dry.

Use plenty of lube to help entry. It may seems too tight for the first time, the elasticity will increase after a few uses.



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