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Pipedream Fantasy For Her Sensual Pump-Her

269 kr

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Pipedream Fantasy For Her Sensual Pump-Her

- Optimal sugkraft som skapar fantastiskt vakuum

- Handpump med luftventil

- Intensivt, svällande stimulans

- Kraftfulla vibrationer

- Blodflödet resulterar till otroligt spännande stimulans

" She wrapped her arms around herself. She knew exactly what she needed! This time should be all about her. She needed an orgasm - a really, really intense orgasm. She crept into her room and locked the door behind her. She removed her Vibrating Sensual Pump-Her that she had hid beneath her pillow. Yes, she smiled, this would give her just what her body needed.

She placed the supple cup between her legs. She had shaved and made sure her skin was smooth and dry because she knew this would increase the strength of the suction. She squeezed the medical-style pump and felt her lips and clit instantly swell with excitement. She used the pump ball to milk herself. She closed her eyes to enjoy the raw, intense, thoroughly delicious pleasure that her Pump-Her provided. Ahhhh! She imagined a lover plundering her moist lips with his tongue.

Pressing the button on the powerful massager added arousing vibration to her already overwhelming pleasure. She had made sure that the smooth vibrator was placed directly over her sensitive clit so she would feel the incredibly strong vibes exactly where she wanted them most. She squeezed the pump faster and faster. Her moans turned into one long, emotional orgasm. She shuddered, her legs quaking and her pulse racing. She knew she was beaming with an incredible post-sex glow. Never had she felt more beautiful, and more fulfilled. "



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